The BowTiedBettor Substack is a Substack providing actionable advice on how to beat the bookies.

The authors are two autist gamblers that have been in the game for more than ten years. After lots and lots of hours behind the screens even ‘BILL BETTOR’ gets tired from time to time and lately it has been tougher for both of us to keep the spirit high. Hence, to complement our monotone workdays, we launched this Substack with three main objectives:

  • Educate this side of the internet on betting and its similarities to ordinary financial instruments.

  • Build a betting community to spur interest and discussion.

  • Force ourselves to become sharper bettors.


Posts are assigned a certain level. Level 1 & 2 is meant to offer a simple and straightforward view of the world of betting and will stay FREE to offer insight for possible prospects. 3 & 4 will be of medium difficulty while higher levels are intended to be *hard* in order to keep all the turbo autists satisfied.

Level ∞ - BILL BETTOR - Automated betting, exchange-API usage, advanced money management, model building, advanced Bayesian thinking/learning. (PAID)

Level 5 - SHARP - Exchange trading, web scraping, Bayesian models, basic statistical learning/ML techniques. (PAID)

Level 4 - WAGMI 2.0 - Money management, optimizing portfolio growth, practical aspects of betting. (PAID)

Level 3 - WAGMI - Get started, collect your first 5 000 USTT. (PAID)

Level 2 - DEEP DIVER - Delving deeper into the world of betting. (FREE)

Level 1 - NGMI - Explaining the basics. (FREE)


To get you started, a straightforward guide to earn your first 5 000 US Trash Token can be found here.

There are *absolutely no excuses* for someone interested in building a bankroll not to execute this concept.

Each step is explained *very carefully* and if you do not manage to get it done after some reading and thinking you should simply leave the Substack as there will be nothing else of value here for neither you nor us.

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